Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Maternity Photos {3.28.17}

While pregnant, I decided not to do a maternity photo shoot. However, towards the end I was convinced by my older sister ,who has been pregnant before, to take maternity photos. Initially, I didn't want to, and didn't think it could come together in time. However, I am so grateful my sister gave me the extra push (pun intended!) to make the decision and take maternity pictures. I love my photos and everything worked out the way it needed to. Most (normal) people plan a maternity shoot when there 35-36 weeks pregnant. When  I finally came to a decision and had planned a day, I was 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Some women go into labor at 38 weeks!! Little did I know I was going to have to wait 4 more weeks before I met my little one.

I had so many beautiful pictures to choose from, I'm surprised I narrowed it down to these (even though I still have a lot). My photographer Kristyn Rose is very talented and I love all my photos!

Hazardita Pregnancy in a Nutshell {August 2016 - April 2017}

Time moves quickly....except when you're pregnant. Time seems to purposely slow down when you're pregnant, it's terrible!! Every day drags on and on. All you want to do is speed it up, so you can finally hold your baby in your arms. However, it doesn't happen and you just have to be patient, which is not my strong suit. All in all, my pregnancy is finally over and I want to do a quick blog post  to remember what it was like to be pregnant with my first child.

This is my first photo for my pregnancy because I am actually 2 weeks (in my first trimester!) pregnant in this picture and I had no idea!! We went to Colorado and climbed 3 14ners in one weekend! We climbed Mt. Cameron, Bross and Lincoln. We are on top of Lincoln for this picture.

I found out I was pregnant on August 19th, 2016. Our baby was born April 19th, 2017, exactly 8 months from the day that I found out. But the thing is, I was already about 6 weeks pregnant, so in all making a baby takes a LONG time! That is a long time. I always thought I would do something cute to surprise Colby about my pregnancy, but I was so excited to tell him. We had been waiting for a long time to become parents that I couldn't wait! After I took the test I had to wait about 5 minutes (longest 5 minutes of my life), but once I read the results, I immediately tried to remain calm and called Colby into the bathroom. He came in, looked at the results and in that moment we were very happy. 

We planned to climb Mt. Humboldt (a 14ner), long before I was pregnant. So when we arrived I was nervous I would be sick and I did get sick the morning before we backpacked in and climbed the mountain, but then I was fine the rest of the weekend. Since we were with my little brother and Dad, I couldn't wait and told them. I was 8 weeks pregnant.

This is me at 9 weeks pregnant, at the John Family Reunion. One night during the reunion, we were all sitting around the campfire playing catch phrase. When it came to be my turn I decided to have them guess the word pregnant (even though that wasn't my word). Once they guessed pregnant, I said, "It was one of the sister's here (implying at the reunion) and then everyone got a shock look on there faces, and Hannah (basically my sister) was the one to get it right the first time and guess me. It was funny and a fun way to do it!

We still haven't announced our pregnancy to anyone else except my immediate family because we saw them in person when I was 9 weeks along. Now I am 11 weeks pregnant, and we are in Iceland! So we made our will be announcement while we were there. It worked out perfectly! And I did not get sick once the whole time! It was so wonderful that I could still enjoy our trip that we planned months before I was pregnant. 
11 weeks pregnant and still in Iceland
12 weeks pregnant (the END of the first trimester)! Baby's look weird at the beginning. 

I am 14 weeks pregnant (second trimester),  and we decided to tell Colby's cousin, Jaren, and his family since we visited them in El Paso during this time. This picture was taken at the corn field while celebrating Halloween and the fall season! Between 14 and 18 weeks I got a tiny bit of sickness. I only threw up 5 times, so it wasn't bad at all, but I do feel bad for all the woman who get regular morning sickness. So sad. 

20 weeks pregnant, and I'm finally starting to show to the point that other people can notice with my clothing. Before this 20 weeks mark only I could really notice. I can feel the our baby move, but I am still not 100% positive that it is the baby. I also have realized that I can still do a lot of things pregnant that I thought I wouldn't be able to do. For example, hiking and still being outdoors. Here I am hiking at Dog Canyon in Guadalupe National Park. 
21 weeks pregnant, and this is our baby's profile. We just found out the gender!

21 weeks pregnant, and I surprised everyone with the gender of our baby with a strawberry pie! It's a Girl! I wrote a whole post about  the gender reveal click the link if you want to see more details and pictures -->
23 weeks pregnant, and I can finally tell difference between my baby kicks and stomach growls! 
26 weeks pregnant at Christmas time!

27 weeks pregnant (END of second trimester)
30 weeks pregnant (in the third trimester), and we went skiing at Ski Apache in Ruidoso, New Mexico. No worries, I stayed on the bunny hills and the green (which was a road), it was basically cross country skiing. My ski pants actually don't fit at all, but I am hiding it with my huge coat! I had to keep adjusting my pants every time I got off the ski lifts 
31 weeks pregnant
32 weeks pregnant, and we went on a bike ride to the Light House in Palo Duro Canyon State Park 

33 weeks pregnant, and visiting my sister-in-law, Sierra, in Iowa. We went on a hike I ended up pushing an umbrella stroller in the mud for about 2.5 miles!  
34 weeks pregnant, and visiting the Archibald family in D.C. We went bike riding to see all the sites. 
36 weeks pregnant, and I just celebrated my 26th birthday with some delicious earthquake cake that Colby made me. 
38 weeks pregnant, and Colby took this amazing photo for me. This was taken at our bedroom window.
41 weeks and 1 day pregnant! I was ready to have this baby, but she was not ready. She must have been to comfortable. 

41 weeks and 2 days pregnant! I thought there was no way I would make it past Easter. I was expecting to be at home cuddling my baby on Easter Sunday, but instead I went to church and prayed she would come soon. Little did I know that she would make her debut 3 days later. 
My Whole World in one picture. April 19th, 2017 (41 weeks and 5 days, the third trimester finally ENDED, but the fourth trimester just started, but it's the best one!)